Sat 09-Feb-2019

LinkedIn has a ton of information about me. A ton of specific, structured, and organised information about me. How come it has been consistently unable to populate my feed with anything remotely relevant to me?

Every weekend I promise myself to take a stroll down my LinkedIn feed and every weekend I fail. Today I actually did it, for the first time in forever, and I just don’t get it. LinkedIn probably has slightly less info on me than Google or Facebook, but it’s very focused and factual info, as opposed to a little bit of everything that Google and FB have. Also, LI itself is very focused: it’s about maintaining professional presence and visibility. It’s *not* about cats / dogs / other animals / prank videos / hot guys (hi!) / food porn etc. I scrolled down my feed for 30 mins flat and barely found 1 or 2 (re)posts that were of any relevance to me. The rest was inspirational quotes and bumper sticker wisdoms (just shoot me), promoted posts of companies that have no interest and no tangent with me, events of no interest / relevance / tangent with me, and a number of recruitment posts – again, for roles I am not even vaguely qualified for. The recruitment posts are my biggest dilemma: on one hand there is karma etc. and being grateful for seeing *any* roles in my feed (I remember when it was very, very different), on the other there is this profound frustration: is my profile not clear enough? Have I inadvertently used the wrong keywords? Is there – at the time of lowest UK unemployment in decades – an abject shortage of roles that match my profile? Let me be clear, I’m not actively (nor passively) looking, but it’s just baffling to see roles for Senior Java Developers in Hertfordshire or lower-mid-level retail banking roles in Sheffield while seeing *nothing* in one of my areas of expertise in London.

Separately I can’t help noting that the smartest roles I see being recruited for (senior development roles, quants, modelling, etc.) appear to be clearly underpaid vs. more general roles on the same level of seniority, I don’t get it at all.

Separately still, side-by-side Facebook, which profiles me along multiple (hundreds I’m guessing – Alex Nix would know ? ) attributes is giving me soooooooooooo much more relevant posts on technology, science – even financial services; while also giving me kind people / kind animals / kind people being kind to animals / hot guys (hi ? ) as filler.

LI is running on an AI (obviously…), and you’d expect that with LI’s profile, user base, scale etc. it should be doing a pretty good, targeted job. Alas it’s not, nowhere near…

Any thoughts? I haven’t been this confused since I was 15!