Inside the mind of Wojtek Buczynski test

You could be eating pizza, watching Family Guy, or reading Solzhenitsyn right now. Instead you’ve come to my blog. Much appreciated – I’ll try to make it worth your while.

The blog

I set up this blog as a semi-creative / semi-compulsive outlet for the many fascinating things I encounter, read about, or think about. I see myself interchangeably as a humanist, a Renaissance man, or an interdisciplinarian, so the spectrum of my interests is pretty broad: finance, technology, FinTech, product management, popular science, literature, entrepreneurship, cognition, psychiatry… a lot. I hope my blog will reflect that. Or at least some of that.

I won’t always write about things I researched myself, invented myself, or worked on myself (I mean… no one’s *that* creative…). However, everything I ever write about I have a passion for, and I will always have my own reflections and takes on it. Living in London creates opportunities to meet brilliant, inspiring, trailblazing people, and I try to take full advantage of that: Royal Institution, British Library, Royal Society, British Academy, New Scientist Instant Expert, meetups – so many fascinating people, so many fascinating, original ideas; so much to write about. Oftentimes I am also lucky to come across brilliant people and / or ideas in the workplace.

Nb. Every now and then I *will* have an original thought, idea, or reflection, and I will write about it as well.

The Wojtek

My story started for good a couple of years ago when I moved to London. Prior to that I used to live in Sydney, Cape Town, Warsaw, Manchester, and on international waters; but that’s another story. It’s also not exactly set in stone that my story has to end in London – it’s a possibility, but there’s a big world out there.

I am restless and perpetually unfulfilled (alternatively: not fulfilled enough). A combination of OCD, FOMO, and insatiable curiosity drives me to take on new professional, academic, and educational pursuits. Net net I’ve been very fortunate to date, but there is sooooooooooooooo much more I still want to do.

My vision of happiness and fulfilment is that of having an intellectually challenging job (as in: *really* challenging), attending cutting edge / thought provoking lectures and events, and meeting brilliant academics, scientists, and professionals while I’m at it. These interactions are something that make my life worth living (not the only thing though).

I keep the humanist inside me alive by reading a good book on the Tube and watching a good movie, a bad movie, an indie movie, or a foreign movie whilst at home. I keep humble (not that ZuckerbergMuskBlankfeinBloombergHassabis-calibre successes have left me in the need of humbling… they haven’t) by doing things painfully and acutely not in line with my aptitude (Muay Thai).

In the couple of years I’ve been living in London I worked in banking, technology / FinTech, and asset management. I did a lot of different things: product development, strategy, research, risk, analytics, investment compliance… a lot. Some people, around the age of 22 – 25, start doing something and stick to it for the rest of their lives (in financial services it can still be quite a lucrative way to go). I am not one of them; I’m always happy to try something completely different.

You’re welcome to have a look at my LinkedIn profile or resume if you want to read about my career path in more detail. You can also always e-mail me at

Download my resume here.